Dinner Menu - December 30-31

Order by 10:00 pm the evening before for pick-up or delivery 


Pick-up Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:30 to 7:00 pm

Delivery  between 4:30 and 6:00 pm


Please NoteFlowerland is Closed this week

Ordinare Pick-up Wednesday from 5:30 to 8**


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The majority of our ingredients are organic and sourced from sustainable local farms. All our meats are pasture-raised and organic when possible.


We donate $1 for every main course sold. Our beneficiaries are the Alameda Food Bank and City Slicker Farms. 



** Flowerland: 1330 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706 – Ordinaire: 3354 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610**

Carrot soup with ginger cream

a sweet purée of Riverdog Farms carrots finished with gingery crème fraîche



Garden lettuces with red wine-shallot vinaigrette

Blue Heron Farms lettuces and Pacific Sun Eva's Blend extra virgin olive oil

Frisée and arugula salad with salami julienne, pickled fennel and carrots, and champagne-shallot vinaigrette
a piquant salad of Happy Boy greens, Fra Mani salami, our house pickles, and champagne vinaigrette
Lentil salad with marinated beets, preserved lemon, cilantro, and parsley

organic lentils and sweet beets, with exotic preserved Meyer lemons and herbs




Stemple Creek short ribs braised with red wine and savory mirepoix

     served with celery root-butternut gratin and potato purée (in a ceramic pot)

Sonoma County Liberty “O” duck legs slow-cooked with white wine, olives, and sunchokes

     served with buttered cabbage and Tokyo turnips and polenta (in a ceramic pot)

Winter greens frittata with collard greens, lacinato kale, San Joaquin Gold cheese and caramelized onions

     served with quinoa pilaf and roasted parsnips and rutabagas (in a ceramic pot)




Roasted parsnips and rutabagas

Riverdog Farms rutabagas roasted with parsnips and sage 

Buttered cabbage and Tokyo turnips

Riverdog Farms Savoy cabbage and Tokyo turnips simmered with sweet butter and salt

Quinoa pilaf

red, black, and white quinoa with garlic and onions




Potato purée

Yukon Gold potatoes boiled until tender and creamed with butter 

Poached pears with crème anglaise
pears poached in white wine and spices with rich crème anglaise
Chocolate chip-hazelnut cookies

TCHO dark and milk chocolate with toasted hazelnuts and grey sea salt 




Custom Standard Fare shopping bag. Perfect for carrying your pots.

Designed, sewn, and screenprinted in Oakland!

Chocolate wafers

crisp dark chocolatey cookies 




Carrot soup with Meyer lemon crème friaîche

a sweet purée of Pinnacle Farms carrots finished with lemony cream




Quinoa and leek pilaf

red, black, and white quinoa with leeks, garlic, and onions






Chocolate chip-walnut cookies

TCHO bittersweet chocolate with toasted walnuts 




Carrot soup with yogurt and fresh wild fennel pollen

a sweet purée of Riverdog Farms carrots finished with tangy yogurt and wild fennel




Sonoma County Liberty “O” duck leg braised with white wine, fennel, and picholine olives

served with lacinato kale and creamy polenta (in a ceramic pot)

Frisée and curly cress salad with cherry tomatoes, scallions, and red wine-anchovy viaigrette
Star Route Farms greens with sweet cherry tomatoes, tender scallions and a brlghtly pungent vinaigrette
Sonoma County “O” duck legs braised with quince and Rosso di Milano onions

served with tri-color French filet beans and smashed German Butterball potatoes (in a ceramic pot)

Yellow carrot and leek soup with Meyer lemon-coriander oil

a brothy soup of Riverdog Farms carrots and leeks finished with lemony oil




Sonoma County Liberty O duck legs braised with Picholine olives and white wine

served with Coco Bianco white beans with green garlic, and braised fennel (in a ceramic pot)

Chocolate chip-rye cookies

TCHO dark and milk chocolate and Abruzzi rye flour 




Liberty “0” duck legs braised with verjus and fresh sauerkraut

served with long-cooked collard greens and cheesy grits (in a ceramic pot)